Kimberly is a young professional with a fast-paced life and impressive career living in New York City. She decided to embark upon a health and fitness journey to celebrate her thirtieth birthday in style at Turks and Caicos. In August 2019, Kimberly woke up from her sleep in the middle of the night with severe chest pain and shortness of breath. At first, she thought anxiety caused these symptoms; however, her instincts told her something was different. She consulted her mother, a registered nurse, who advised Kimberly to go to the hospital for testing and a diagnosis.


“Wearing the MINI PLUS calmed me down because I knew that there was something watching me.
It was cool to feel like I had a little guardian angel around me.”

At the hospital, they performed an EKG, tested for a possible pulmonary embolism, and ran bloodwork. Kimberly's bloodwork showed that she had high levels of troponin. Her levels were way over what they should be for anyone in their fifties and she was only twenty-nine, so the doctors scheduled an emergency angiogram. The angiogram did not show any blockage and her physicians were in shock because a lot of the symptoms and test results were not making sense. “I felt like a patient in that show House,” shares Kimberly.

“They sent my results to a couple specialty doctors, who analyzed the angiogram. They determined that my arteries run underneath the left chamber of my heart when they should run over it. At the time, I was on a very serious fitness journey. Doctors think I overworked my body and caused my heart to have a coronary vasospasm. While I was asleep, my artery locked up and stopped blood flow to my heart’s left chamber. By the time I got the angiogram, my artery unlocked. The diagnosis made me nervous since the doctors did not observe the event,” comments Kimberly.

The prognosis was for Kimberly to take blood pressure medication and schedule regular check-ups with her cardiologist every other month. “I have to carry nitroglycerin with me because the doctors said, ‘We don't know if this will happen one time, or if this could happen 50 more times in your life’. The only thing I can really do if this happens again is go to the hospital,” says Kimberly. At her annual check-up, she told her cardiologist that she experienced some of the same symptoms. Her cardiologist recommended that she wear a remote cardiac monitor so they can see what her heart was doing 24/7 for thirty days and introduced her to the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS.

When Kimberly saw the MINI PLUS, she was so happy to see a small and unobtrusive device. “I thought I was going to have wires connected all over my body, very much like an EKG with the stickers or that I would need to keep something heavy attached to me. I loved that this was wireless and with a phone that I can clip to my bag and keep on my nightstand. It was never an inconvenience, and never did I think about it being on me at all because it is so discreet and small. It was so easy to do everything that I do in my daily life,” says Kimberly. Kimberly did not need to interrupt her daily routines. She recently got a dog and they go on walks and hikes all over New York City. “My days have been very much the same. I wanted my routine to be consistent before and during the remote cardiac monitoring journey. I think that was what was going to give the most accurate reading for my heart,” says Kimberly. She loves high intensity cardio workouts like dancing, running and kickboxing and the MINI PLUS did not slow her down.

“Preventice has the YouTube video that I watched when I first got the MINI PLUS. It helped me make sure I was wearing it correctly. All the resources made it very easy. I reached out to customer service for additional adhesives. They overnighted me a bunch so I had access to them right away. I really loved that, too. The aspect of not just the product, but the way your customer service handled anything that I needed. That was great,” comments Kimberly.

“In the beginning, I was very self-conscious and scared. I felt kind of strange having it on. Now, I've told people that I'm going to miss the MINI PLUS when I take it off. It's been a part of me for the last month and I've gotten used to it. When I talk to people about it, they can't get over the technology that we have these days. Wearing the MINI PLUS calmed me down because I knew that there was something watching me. There was something that could tell if I didn't feel good right away. That's a lot to say for a device that's not a person. It was cool to feel like I had a little guardian angel around me,” shares Kimberly.

To summarize her remote cardiac monitoring journey, Kimberly says “It was everything I didn't expect it to be, and I mean that in the best way possible. I think it's an incredible piece of technology. The MINI PLUS provides a sense of security.” She advises anyone who is hesitant about the process to “do it”. She is a strong advocate for both cardiology and mental health. She runs a mental health task force at her company and is such an inspiration to her friends and colleagues. “If I can make one person feel more comfortable about their journey, I'm all for it. That's the best reward I can get as a person,” comments Kimberly.


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