Eddie is an avid technology lover who enjoys spending time with his family. His heart journey began when he purchased a smart watch. Eddie noticed that his heart rate was higher than it should be, even when he was resting. He would feel heart flutters and his smart watch confirmed his symptoms. He reached out to his primary care physician who referred him to a cardiologist. His cardiologist performed an Echo; however, the Echo did not reveal any issues. The rapid heart rates continued, so to get more answers, his cardiologist prescribed him the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor.


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“Once you put it on and get used to it, it’s like carrying your phone around with you, or wearing a watch, or anything else.”

When introduced to the MINI PLUS, he was happy to see a device that was small and simple. “Everything is miniaturized these days, so I figured it would be something that wouldn’t be too cumbersome,” shares Eddie. He was able to go about his daily routine with no interruptions. “I do inspections for insurance companies, so I go out to different sites. I take pictures and gather the information and it didn’t hinder me in any way. It was very inconspicuous. As long as I buttoned the top button on the shirt nobody knew that I had it,” says Eddie.

“It pretty much became a part of me and I really didn’t feel like it burdened me in any way. I never had a problem with it itching, or the monitor coming loose, or anything of that nature. And when you take it off you feel like something is missing,” shares Eddie. “You become comfortable with it right away. It’s like carrying your phone around with you, or wearing a watch, or anything else.”

Eddie’s wife is a retired nurse and she was very supportive of the remote cardiac monitoring process. They had peace of mind knowing that they would have answers and learn what was causing his heart rate to accelerate. “I knew that it was collecting the data that my doctor needed and I felt like it was doing the job just fine. So at the end of the prescription, I felt like the doctor had enough data to make an informed decision,” comments Eddie.

After wearing the MINI PLUS, he had his follow-up appointment with his cardiologist and learned that he has Atrial Fibrillation (AF). AF is a common arrhythmia and can lead to strokes, blood clots or other complications. Millions of people live with AF and some do not even know they have it. “I have AF about 5% of the time. So that led my doctor to prescribe medication to control the level of the heartbeat. He seemed fairly satisfied that he had everything he needed to decide what to do next,” says Eddie.

Eddie’s advice for anyone who is hesitant about wearing a remote cardiac monitor is that it is a very simple process. “For people who are afraid of technology, they might get a little concerned about setting it up and all of that. But Preventice sets it up, so people who may be concerned about getting the monitor working right, shouldn’t have any fears because I made a phone call and y’all told me it was working okay, and we were off and running,” comments Eddie. He looks forward to spending quality time with his wife and sons and is hopeful that the medications will help him treat his AF.

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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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