Candice is a young professional who works a very hectic schedule as an analyst spending up to 15 hours in her office. She knew that her sedentary lifestyle was not the best alternative. In the spring, she decided to resign from her second job and spend time focusing on her health and fitness. She found a fitness regimen that worked for her, began to cook meals, and track her sleep to ensure she was getting enough rest.


“The remote cardiac monitor was my hard evidence. I am not making this up and my heart is beating at 156 beats per minute.”

Candice thought these positive changes would begin to pay off. However, she knew something was wrong when she started feeling extreme fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Her heart would race, and she would feel out of sorts; however, describing these symptoms was a challenge.

After discussing her symptoms with her parents, she decided to call her doctor. “I’m 37, so I did not anticipate anything wrong, but I did worry,” shares Candice. Her cardiologist asked her if she would be willing to wear a heart monitor. “There’s going to be cords and wires everywhere. It’s going to be a nightmare. I had just barely really started hitting it heavy in my exercise routine working out five days a week, and I’m very consistent about that. I was just a little bit worried about it impacting my lifestyle,” says Candice. Nevertheless, she proceeded and began her remote cardiac monitoring journey with the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS.

Candice was happy when she saw a tiny wireless and waterproof MINI PLUS. She committed to documenting her remote cardiac monitoring journey on her Instagram. She had already began posting videos of her fitness for accountability with her family and friends. Adding the countdown of her 30 days with the MINI PLUS monitor would be one more thing she would also track. “I wore the MINI PLUS for 30 days and exercised for 20 of those days. It didn’t impact any of my workouts,” comments Candice.

Candice felt reassured that the MINI PLUS was able to see what her heart was doing. “I think the most helpful part about the monitor is that when you’re sick and you have issues, you pay attention. You tell yourself in your head that you know exactly what’s happening. However, it’s a challenge to communicate multiple symptoms. And, I think what’s nice about the device is that it gives you a list of symptoms,” says Candice. She thought of this as a journal and noticed sometimes she had multiple symptoms simultaneously. As she started to reflect, she had felt this way for a long time! “It’s been going on for six years. I think, if anything, the MINI PLUS monitor helps you keep track of the fact of what’s happening to you and it helps you nail down how you feel.”

When Candice met with her cardiologist to review her results, she learned that she had sleep apnea. “It can cause arrhythmia or even heart failure. It can cause all the things that a heart monitor, obviously, would look for,” comments Candice. She always struggled to sleep, tossing and turning and often woke up with difficulty breathing. She always attributed this to bad sleep and just accepted her fatigue as part of her life. “When I say tired, I usually mean almost delirious. That’s what I consider tired. Not only are you fatigued because you cannot sleep, you also wake up multiple times throughout the night because you aren’t getting oxygen and your brain is having to signal. Your heart is puts in overtime”.

Her diagnosis made her feel relieved because with treatment she will be fine! Candice’s advice for anyone who is not feeling their best is to seek treatment. “Sometimes you go into the doctor and you feel like a hypochondriac, especially when you have a lot of symptoms,” says Candice. She often told herself that this was all anxiety or in her head and spent six years not feeling like herself. “The remote cardiac monitor was my hard evidence. I am not making this up and my heart is beating at 156 beats per minute,” shares Candice. Candice looks forward to continuing her health and fitness journey. Since April, she has lost over thirty pounds! “I wish that I knew about this 10 years ago. I would have gladly worn a heart monitor because I struggled with poor sleep for so long,” says Candice.


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