Beth has suffered from tachycardia since she was twenty years old. Her grandmother, aunt and mother all had cardiac arrhythmias. Beth is the youngest of six children and the only one with an arrhythmia. She remembers her mother would take beta blockers to reduce her heart rate. Beth would also do the same; however, beta blockers would take a while to kick in and they did not always help.


“Wearing the MINI for Preventice may have saved my life.”

Beth recalls how stressful it was when her heart rate would increase. “My tachycardia was not exercise induced. I never knew what caused it. I could be driving on the highway or sitting on the couch and out of nowhere my heart rate was over 190 beats per minute,” says Beth. Although Beth wore several different heart monitors throughout her adult life, her cardiologist was never able to capture the onset.

“I have worn several 24-hour Holter monitors. I have even worn the large Holter monitor with the large crossbody bag and all the wires. It was so inconvenient,” says Beth. “The technology has come such a long way.”

Beth works at Preventice in the Product Support department. After her study was complete, her cardiologist at Mayo Clinic was impressed with the diagnostic data on the report. The MINI captured the onset more than once. Beth finally had answers and options for optimized follow-up care! Beth loves that the MINI is the size of one of her pink erasers from grade school.

It is unobtrusive and she can pursue all her daily activities without any restrictions. She often forgets she is wearing a monitor. As a result, Beth had an ablation and her life is so much easier now. She no longer needs to worry about her heart rate exceeding 190 beats per minute. She is able to drive on the highway and exercise without fear. Most important, she is able to spend quality time with her family.

Beth has a great career and always helps others. She worked in Open Heart Surgery in the operating room for seven years. She pursued her passion for technology as a programmer with IBM for ten years. Now, she works at Preventice and loves the positive impact that she makes and the effect the MINI monitor has on patients’ heart journeys.

“The ablation has made my life so much simpler,” says Beth. “Wearing the MINI  provided a diagnosis and treatment that may have saved my life.”


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