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May 11th, 2015

Preventice Solutions launches BodyGuardian® with BodyGuardian® Remote Patient Monitoring System in the United States

Houston and Rochester – Preventice Solutions announced today that BodyGuardian® Heart Remote Patient Monitoring System and PatientCare platform will be commercially available in Q3, 2015. Testing with the BodyGuardian® Remote Monitoring System is underway nationally to ensure ongoing improvements and care team efficiency. It will target the use of remote monitoring including:
• Post-surgical cardiac patients to evaluate how monitoring cardiac rhythms remotely influence all phases of recovery.
• 24/7 continuous monitoring of infrequently symptomatic patients as they go about their daily lives, with the objective of detecting potential arrhythmias by tracking ECG, respiratory rate and activity.

Preventice Solutions will demonstrate the BodyGuardian® Heart and the PatientCare Platform at the HRS 2015, one of the industry's leading conferences in research, delivery of arrhythmia care and services, in Boston, MA, May 13-16, 2015.  The BodyGuardian® uses sophisticated algorithms to support remote monitoring for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias.

John Untereker, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said "Innovative remote monitoring technology will help physicians gain deeper insights into their patients' health by collecting near real-time data.  BodyGuardian® Heart will allow healthcare practitioners to monitor critical measures and manage many patients, thus safeguarding the health and safety of individuals every day.  This approach will ultimately transform how health care is delivered for many common cardiac and chronic diseases."

"We are close to achieving two important milestones for the BodyGuardian with the commercial availability in early summer and robust piloting here in the United States.  The beta testing is a direct indicator of significant interest in BodyGuardian® by early adopters and proves their belief that Preventice Solutions is poised to change the future of remote monitoring," said Jon Otterstatter, President and Chief Global Strategy Officer of Preventice Inc.

"We are excited to partner with Preventice Solutions and pleased to see BodyGuardian® takes another step in its success story. This collaboration represents a great opportunity to provide our patients with remote monitoring," said Dr. Craig J. McCotter, MD, Upstate Cardiology Greenville, South Carolina. "The combination of the BodyGuardian® Heart and the PatientCare Platform allows us to achieve superior monitoring and support our patients at home, as if they were at the clinic."

About BodyGuardian® Heart 
Preventice® received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 2012.  The BodyGuardian® System detects records and wirelessly transmits physiological data to support remote monitoring of non-lethal, cardiac arrhythmias in ambulatory patients. Data is transmitted to the Monitoring Center platform, where it can be stored for up to 30 days at a time. Medical professionals can securely view the captured medical information. Physicians can retrieve patient data and reports, or choose to receive alerts based on changes in select biometrics. The BodyGuardian Heart is small sensor that adheres to the patient's skin giving patients freedom to go about their normal lives without restriction.

About Preventice Solutions
Preventice Solutions is a strategic combination of eCardio Diagnostics and Preventice. Together, we are designing the industry's super customer service experience. Using patient and physician insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies and services that connect patients and caregivers in a way that redefines what healthcare can be. Operating and corporate functions will be managed from eCardio's existing corporate headquarters in Houston while the clinical research and product development activities will remain at Preventice's Rochester, Minn., location. eCardio's two Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities will continue to monitor patients from Houston and South San Francisco.