Preventice Solutions Announces New Website Launch


Houston and Rochester – Preventice Solutions, a leading developer of mobile health solutions and services, today announced the launch of its new website,

The new Preventice Solutions site offers an attractive design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience. It focuses upon increasing education and engagement with patients and health care professionals. Moreover, the new website will continue to showcase the superior quality of Preventice Services and the innovation of Preventice Technologies as we develop and deploy new remote monitoring solutions for patients burdened by cardiac-related issues and associated health disorders.

Key elements of the redesigned website include: enhanced product pages and resources providing quick access to information, improved content, and advanced search capabilities, a new feedback function makes it easier for users to share their experience, optimization for iPad and mobile devices, easy access to PatientView, PatientFlow, and PatientCare portals.

“This change to our company website reflects our broader health care commitment in driving remote monitoring technologies and services needed to improve patients’ well- being,” said Jon Otterstatter, President and Chief Global Strategy Officer, co-CEO, Preventice Solutions. “The new design has been crafted to reflect what patients and customers told us they require now, while building for future needs, a transformative patient- centric approach benefiting from the capabilities of Preventice Services and Preventice Technologies.”

“We understand that no two health care organizations are exactly alike. Our new website was created with these differences in mind. Connecting with new or existing patients often requires a creative multi-channel approach. Through our listening pipelines led by our national salesforce, we can support health care practices centered on the highest quality ofpatient care,” said John Untereker, co-CEO, Preventice Solutions.