GE Healthcare and Preventice Solutions Collaborate to Extend the Heart Station Beyond the Hospital


New partnership provides seamless connection between leading provider of hospital ECG products, including MUSE, and leader of ambulatory ECG services.

Boston – GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) is working with Preventice Solutions to provide customers with an extension of the hospital heart station and to expand GE Healthcare ECG services into the home, creating a more holistic solution for monitoring ambulatory ECG patients.

The partnership offers a unified solution to providing in-hospital ECG, long-term Holter, Cardiac Event Monitoring (CEM) & Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) results into a single portal utilizing the GE Healthcare MUSE cardiac management system.

According to U.S. News & World Report, 23 out of 25 top U.S. cardiac hospitals use MUSE. By integrating with MUSE, data from home-based patients will be made available to clinicians on the same clinical workspace they use every day.

“GE Healthcare is working with Preventice Solutions to drive both better clinical outcomes for patients and greater financial results for customers,” said GE Healthcare Diagnostic Cardiology General Manager Ashutosh Banerjee. “Our partnership holds the power to create a consistent patient experience and a high standard of clinical care, providing hospital-quality ECG algorithms to ECGs acquired outside the hospital. This alliance will help standardize operations management and workflow for health care providers.”

"We are excited to partner with GE Healthcare and to join forces on additional areas of mutual strategic interest,” said Preventice Solutions Chief Executive Officer Jon Otterstatter. “Our collaboration will create an integrated, longitudinal view of the patient experience and a unique ability to empower clinicians with timely, data-driven decisions in an actionable, seamless way.”

GE Healthcare and Preventice Solutions are announcing their strategic partnership at Heart Rhythm 2018, the Heart Rhythm Society's 39th Annual Scientific Sessions, May 9-12, 2018 in Boston.

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About Preventice Solutions
Preventice Solutions is a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that connect patients threatened by cardiac arrhythmias. Using insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies, this tech-enabled, service-based approach can ultimately reduce the cost of care and improve health outcomes. The Preventice wearable portfolio includes the PatientCare Platform and BodyGuardian family. For more information please visit

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