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As a leading provider of arrhythmia monitoring services, we are an important partner in the delivery of optimal patient care. We offer solutions that simplify the monitoring process, so that physicians can focus on what they do best – patient care and treatment.

Steve, age 66Symptoms: Syncope Monitor: Cardiac Event Monitor (ER920W) | read more

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Steve * is a 66-year-old male with a history of syncope. His doctor prescribed one of eCardio’s cardiac event monitors (ER920W) to diagnose the cause of his frequent symptoms.

During the early part of the study, Steve’s cardiac event monitor recorded normal sinus rhythms with PACs. On the third day of the study, the device triggered for a 3.9 second pause with a third degree heart block. eCardio immediately contacted Steve’s physician, who sent Steve to the emergency room.

Steve received a pacemaker the day after eCardio notified his doctor. If left untreated, it could have eventually lead to unconsciousness and death.

When asked to describe his experience with eCardio, Steve stated, “eCardio saved my life and I am very grateful”.

His wife also said, “The cardiac monitor made all the difference. I could not get my husband to go to the hospital until he put on the monitor. When eCardio called and advised him to go, he went and received a pacemaker. You saved his life. He is now back to doing all his normal activities”.

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Ashley, age 13Symptoms: Heart Palpitations Monitor: eTrigger AF 920 Cardiac Event Monitor |read more

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Ashley * is a 13-year-old female with a history of heart palpitations. Her cardiologist prescribed an eTrigger cardiac event monitor to determine why she was suffering from heart palpitations.

On the 25th day of the study, the device triggered for a 3.4 second pause with junctional escape beat. Ashley’s doctor was immediately notified of the situation

Ashley received a pacemaker two days afterwards and remained on the monitor for two additional weeks to ensure the effectiveness of the pacemaker.

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Catherine, age 62Symptoms: Heart Palpitations Monitor: Cardiac Event Monitor (ER920W) | read more

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Catherine * is a 62-year-old female with a history of palpitations. Her cardiologist prescribed an ER920W cardiac event monitor to help diagnose the reasons for her symptoms.

Six days into her study, the device triggered for a critical rhythm. Catherine was in ventricular standstill that lasted 10 seconds. eCardio immediately contacted her to ensure her safety, obtain a follow-up recording and make note of her current symptoms. Catherine was advised to go to the nearest emergency room. Ventricular standstill could lead to a longer heart pause, causing the patient to go into complete standstill, which could result in death.

Catherine was prescribed a pacemaker.

“I am grateful that she wore the cardiac event monitor as I may have lost my wife,” Catherine’s husband said.

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