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eCardio's goal is to make the heart monitoring process as easy on you as possible. When you want a partner in arrhythmia monitoring, you need eCardio.

An Overview of eCardio's Monitoring Services

Your physician has prescribed an eCardio device combined with 24/7 monitoring services to help diagnose potential heart rhythm problems. eCardio's heart monitors record irregular rhythms to help your physician more quickly diagnose and treat heart conditions.

1. Enroll

Your physician will determine which type of cardiac monitoring service is best for you. He or she will prescribe a specific heart monitoring device as well as the number of days of monitoring and enroll you in the service.

2. Hook-Up

During your appointment, a representative from your doctor's office will show you how to apply the electrodes and attach the cardiac monitor. They will help you record and transmit an initial ECG reading, called a “baseline”. Alternatively, your doctor may prescribe a home hook-up. In these cases, eCardio will send the monitor directly to your home. Within 24 hours of enrollment, an eCardio Customer Service Representative will call you to discuss your service and help you transmit your baseline.

3. Wear

Wear your heart monitor for the prescribed number of days your doctor has recommended. To help detect any irregular heart rhythms, it is important to wear the monitor all day, every day for the full length of your prescribed service. Please remove the ECG cable from your heart monitor before bathing; devices are NOT waterproof.

4. Record

Each of eCardio's monitors has been designed to record data about the rhythm of your heart. If you are experiencing symptoms at any time, press the record button on your monitor. Some monitors will automatically record and transmit cardiac events to our monitoring center. Other cardiac monitors will require you to call the monitoring center daily and transmit the recording over the phone.

5. Report

eCardio reports the data collected from your device to your physician. If the report indicates you are experiencing a serious cardiac event, your physician will be notified as soon as possible and you will be contacted for immediate treatment.

6. Return

When you have finished with your prescribed service, please return your heart monitor directly to eCardio in the pre-paid box provided to you at any UPS or US Post Office location, or contact eCardio to schedule monitor pick-up.

Patient's Guide to Remote Cardiac Monitoring

eCardio is your complete wireless cardiac monitoring solution. Ask your physician to prescribe eCardio services or call eCardio today at 888.500.3522.

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